Recently the property market in Pattaya has enjoyed the long-time eagerly awaited new project from The Riviera Group, ‘Monaco’.

It’s often said “success breeds success” and, as we know, there are many quotes and sayings that capture the essence of certain scenarios, companies and even people.

This quote seems a suitable reference to The Riviera Group, their multi-award winning projects, building landmarks in their own right, the way they keep on setting new benchmark standards for the Pattaya property market to follow and most recently, their highly anticipated and successfully received project, The Riviera Monaco.

We have, of course, followed and featured Monaco from its successful pre-launch event in February to the Grand Opening Party more recently from their spectacular sales showroom (and trust me, it really is).


The Riviera Monaco


Sales are “approaching 70%” I am told which really doesn’t surprise me one bit. Construction, I am further informed, is well underway and their piling works is due to complete in three weeks from going to print. It was interesting to also be told that this time in August next year, the building will be around the 30th floor out of the planned 40 floors.

Funny how quickly things can move along when sometime some projects seem like nothing happens for a while then ‘boom’, it’s up.

So for those who have been around in Pattaya long enough, it was no surprise then that The Riviera Group would likely choose to launch yet another project to continue soon on from where they left off with Monaco.

So that brings me nicely onto what they are doing now, their latest offering, “Ocean Drive”.



Located on the highest point of land on Jomtien’s 2nd road, the 43-storey building will boast the usual highly detailed facilities and architectural design we now have come to expect from Riviera Group.

Highly desirable and genuinely inspiring design is described with a total of 514 units, all sea views and coming fully furnished, so it seems only natural to expect this project to again sell fast.


The Riviera Ocean Drive


Winston Gale, owner of The Riviera Group informed me not long ago they would have pre-launch event selling units at their very cheapest.

That event is now fixed – take note: 18th and 19th August (Saturday and Sunday) so a full weekend opportunity is being offered to purchase units approximately four months before the project’s on-site showroom will formally open, which will then officially launch the project at higher prices.

The location of this weekend’s event is at their Monaco Showroom in Jomtien.




Smart idea thinking about it; why not show off the stunning showroom of Monaco as a healthy reminder of just what The Riviera Group does. Smart name too, ‘Ocean Drive’, especially given the location and knowing them, it will all be done with style certainly by the looks of early billboards we’ve seen, done with plenty of colour.

I guess from attending their Monaco pre-sale event back in February, we can again expect some kind of daytime low-key quality entertainment, food, drink and, most importantly, the low condo prices. We will be there, and you never know, might even buy one one of these days.

Either way, REm looks forward to following Ocean Drive from here on. I’m sure their upcoming showroom will again be a show-stopper. History does have a habit of repeating itself. Am I finishing this article how I started again with another famous quote?


By Paul Johnson