Pattaya City is considered by some as the Miami of the East.

Miami Beach, Florida, USA on Ocean Drive.

Found in Florida, United States of America, Miami offers all within a short distance, non-stop thrills and experiences for all.

From extensive waterparks, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, pool parties, botanical gardens and national parks to theatre shows and top-notch cinemas with bowling alleys, there is plenty of things to do and cater to everyone.

The Skyline of both cities offers a long and extensive palm tree based beachfront shoreline with a superb backdrop of both low rise and high-rise towers and pools. The only major difference is there are of course fewer shark dangers in the Pattaya and Jomtien waters!

Wave Hotel Pattaya.

The tower scattered shoreline from Wong Amat beach down to Jomtien is predominantly condominiums where both exclusive high-end residences and more affordable budget offerings are available. Dotted in between and more so central Pattaya are of course several world-renowned hotel brands including the Hilton hotel, in the centre of Pattaya Beach with its multi-story shopping complex all within the same building. The rooftop Horizon Bar & Restaurant here often is a place for many to spend a Friday or Saturday night relaxing whilst overlooking the gulf of Thailand with live DJs and cocktail’s plenty.

Horizon Bar & Restaurant, Hilton Pattaya.

Northshore condominium built just over 10 years ago around the year 2006, is the most near to the beach condo tower in central Pattaya and still to this day commands great reviews from both local real estate agents and residents alike. Built with 29 floors and around 187 units, spacious 112 Sq.m. 2 bedrooms, along with 268 Sq.m. 3 bedrooms, tend to be the most popular resale offerings. Newer condominium projects tend to offer less space with 2 bedrooms coming in at a maximum 70 Sq.m. and 3 Bedrooms (if any at all) under 100 Sq.m. If looking to borrow for this type of higher-level condo, typically one could expect to borrow on Mortgage terms up to 60% of the valuation price. The location alone being so close to central Pattaya and with such limited other competitor options around means, finance on these units is almost a sure thing. You could walk down to the Hilton from here and enjoy those Rooftop sunset cocktails with tapas or a little closer, enjoy some rooftop saxophone and house music within the [email protected] Hotel where a rooftop pool & restaurant has its own social vibes every weekend.

A step back from the shoreline onto second road central Pattaya and the towers of Centric Sea are hard to miss. Built-in 2015 with around 1,000 units, certainly the rooftop pool and facilities offer some exquisite views over the gulf and is a place away from home, for many local Thai’s and Expats who perhaps work weekdays in the bright lights of Bangkok and prefer the fresh sea air and sunset views over Pattaya bay for the weekend. Step out onto the road and jump on a baht bus, within minutes you are in the newly finished Terminal 21 shopping center of Pattaya or for some may also prefer a short walk as it is also possible without getting too hot. Mortgage finance on a project like this is relatively straight forward. Depending on whether you have a full sea view on a high floor, or low floor looking out at another building, would determine the loan size, however, it is likely to be available from THB 30,000 – THB 55,000 Sq.m. loan size. capped at 60% loan to value. You can pick up a 2 bedroom from around THB 5,000,000 and a 1 Bedroom for THB 2,600,000, a great weekend apartment away from Bangkok and with cashback finance freely available.

Centric Sea, Pattaya.

When the preference of a tower residence is to live in the tallest than you would need to head down to the Reflection condominium by Major Group at the far end of Jomtien. Built-in 2013 and with 55 floors in the front tower, ears may pop when heading up to the top, certainly, some breathtaking views shall await. Facilities within the project offer some of the best around and particularly if one likes to work from home, this could offer a perfect setting with plenty of areas around the building to sit and relax on a laptop… Situated direct to beach road, with easy access and little traffic up to the main Sukhumvit road which leads to all, many choose to reside here as a residence with several high flyers from Hong Kong, Singapore & Malaysia amongst others. Whilst a little less spacious than the Northshore project in North Pattaya mentioned above, a typical 3 bedroom at Reflection comes in around 218 Sq.m. with a ballpark THB 20,000,000 price tag and finance available to up around 50%.

Reflection, Jomtien.

The area at the end of Jomtien tends to feel more residential & peaceful than central Pattaya. Perhaps once the new highway link is opened connecting Na Jomtien with the expressway to Bangkok, residents in Reflection or any home further South will have no need to go Pattaya. There has been talking of both Supermarkets and ICOM SIAM coming to Na Jomtien on Sukhumvit road which will offer a much-desired boost of infrastructure in the area. A cinema, bowling alley, shopping center and perhaps once day, local BTS style transport system along Sukhumvit… A connection down to the continually progressing Utapau Airport will only help see demand in the area grow… For now it is great just to spend some time down at the many superb restaurants along the coastline where Bangkok license plates fill the car parks at weekends.

At MBK Guarantee Co., ltd. both Foreigner’s and Thai’s are able to raise Mortgage finance on Thailand condominiums with a 1 product fits all attitude, no distinguishing on prices. The only discrepancy is that due to government restrictions, Foreigners will need to purchase a condominium fully in their own name before we can lend, however, we may approve a loan and sign contracts beforehand, so one knows finance is forthcoming. Interest rates start from 8.65% and terms are available up to 10 years with an option for a balloon payment schedule which helps to lower monthly installments. Finance on Villa and Land is also available and rates tend to be at a flat rate of 12%.

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