Twitter has partnered with @UN_Women to launch special emoji activated by the hashtag #EveryWoman

In honour of International Women’s Day 2020 (#IWD2020), Twitter is shining a spotlight on the women on Twitter who are using their voices to impact and inspire communities from a wide range of industries and fields of work. We celebrate the curious, the creative, the courageous trailblazers, who are unafraid to spark conversations on Twitter.

Now more than ever, women are using Twitter to drive conversations on important causes, from women’s rights to education, to environment and sports. #WomenOnTwitter contribute, shape and lead key moments on Twitter. It is through these conversations where women find like-minded people with similar passions, inspiring and banding together to make an impact on the world today.

From doctors, educators, to entrepreneurs, foodies, influencers and journalists; here are some of the inspiring #WomenOnTwitter you can follow, whose stories and journeys have empowered many.

The Health and Food Gurus

Thidakarn Rujipattanaku (@thidakarn)

Live Twitter Q&A session | March 9, 8PM THA | #AskThidakarn
Dr. Thidakarn is a practicing doctor and passionate advocate of health and healthy living. Engaging with her Twitter fanbase, Dr. Thidakarn actively shares her expertise and through her inimitable style and willingness to answer questions on Twitter, she has inspired fellow Thais to live a more healthy lifestyle. Dr. Thidakarn is a regular public speaker, has her own “Single Being” podcast and has written 16 books on the topic of healthy living.

Maekwansri (@KwansriR)

There are food influencers, food reviewers, chefs and then there is Maekwansri. While managing a full-time job, Maekwansri is a trend starter on Thailand’s food scene. She has led the way in re-energising simple Thai foods through videos, her own youtube channel and her passionate foodie followers on Twitter. Maekwansri shares her passion for food and inspires others to cook for themselves with easy-to-follow instructions and recipes, making the simplest of Thai dishes tantalising.

The Entertainers

Panisara Arayaskul (@chocoopal)

A devoted married mother of twins, Panisara Arayaskul – better known as Opal – earned her stripes as a DJ before becoming a household name as an MC. Challenging stereotypes, Opal lives what she preaches, that women need to respect themselves first. Active on Twitter sharing her opinions and values across a wide range of topics and actively supports good causes in their time of need by Retweeting to her followers.

Worranit Thawornwong (@MookWorranit)

Live Twitter Q&A session | March 12, 2PM THA | #AskMook
Always an optimist, Worranit (aka Mook) places a high importance on her family and family life. An actress with a wise head on young shoulders, Mook is also an entrepreneur having invested in a women-focussed multi-brand clothing business, and uses her fame and influence to Tweet about good causes, inspiring her fans to strive for better.

The Media

Jomquan Laopetch (@jomquan)

A popular Thai news anchor, Jomquan made her name with her never-shy-away attitude and interview style that has since spawned many imitators. A trailblazer in a male-dominated field, Jomquan asks the questions others dare not, and searches out and interviews those that few others would. With almost 20 years in the news industry, she has been an inspiration to many through her work and continues to inspire the next generation of female journalists and trailblazers.

Oranuch Lerdsuwankij (@mimee)

Co-founder of online platform Techsauce, this lady is a business dynamo with a passion for startups. Having co-founded online tech media outlet Thumbs Up prior, then Techsauce, Oranuch (aka Mimee) was not content and lead the team to launch the Techsauce Summit – the largest conference of its kind in the region. Driven by a desire to support Thailand’s startup ecosystem, Mimee has become a leading voice in Thailand’s burgeoning startup space and a source respected for her knowledge.

The Educators

Arisara Thanapakit (@krupnan)

Arisara Thanapakit is known to her Twitter fans as Kru P’Nan. A passionate teacher of English, she has opened her own school, Enconcept, and teaches many Thai high school and university students. Cleverly using music as a way for students to remember words and vocabulary, Kru P’Nan promotes good use of English on Twitter by relating language to topical conversations of the day.

Natchanan Peeranarong (@Eng_afternoonz)

This perennial multitasker leads by example. A mother, host and emcee are just some of the tasks Natchanan, aka Noonz, takes in her stride, yet she is better known on Twitter as an English language guru. Her educational Tweet-style is fun and she inspires in her followers a love for learning while supporting self-improvement and English proficiency amongst people from all walks of life.

The Social Contributors

Cindy Sirinya Bishop (@cindysirinya)

Live Twitter Q&A session | March 11, 7.30PM THA | #AskCindy
Cindy Bishop is a well known Thai presenter, actress and model. She is also the host of Asia’s Next Top Model. Cindy uses her star power to raise awareness of sexual harassment gender equality. Having launched the #DontTellMeHowToDress campaign, Cindy passionately campaigns both offline and on, inspiring others to greater awareness and action.

Nutch Prasopsing (@nutchlimited)

Nutch has spearheaded the cat movement in Thailand. Having established Kingdom of Tigers – an active online community that showcases the world of cats while also educating owners about care for their cats – Nutch has been recognised as an influencer and inspiring figure, being nominated at the annual Thailand Zocial Awards. Passionate online and off, Nutch campaigns for healthy cat care and also operates Caster by Kingdom of Tigers, which welcomes orphaned cats and helps them to find forever homes.

In celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day and the great strides that have been made in the fight for equality, Twitter is partnering with @UN_Women to launch a special emoji that is activated by hashtags in 24 languages. In Thai, the emoji is activated with #ผู้หญิงทุกคน, #วันสตรีสากล2563, #วันสตรีสากล, #คนรุ่นใหม่ที่เท่าเทียม

Empowering women and girls requires a collective effort — which is why we’ve double-downed on our partnerships with women’s rights organisations across the region to participate in #IWD. Throughout March, we will be doing a series of activities across Asia Pacific as part of our #IWD2020 celebration. We are also providing Ads for Good grants to our nonprofit partners to promote their efforts to achieving gender equality.

From training and workshops for women organisations to live interviews with women leaders on Twitter; inspiring women across the region will share their journey about how they fight the challenges they face, develop within the areas of their expertise, while also encouraging other women to be the best that they can be. See what we’re doing across Asia Pacific in the infographic below.