“Mongolia Photo Exhibition”  @Rabbit Resort Pattaya from 3rd March to 2nd April


A Photography Resort (the first such resort in Thailand) was honoured by Vudhon Charoenphan, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Pattaya, President of Mongolia Photo Exhibition, under the concept of “Mongolia Photo Exhibition”.



Mongolia Photo Tour “is something brand new for Pattaya another dimension to our hospitality services, promoting Pattaya and all we have to offer as well as giving the chance for Thai photographers to showcase and have a stage for their work.”

Experience and travel through Mongolia with the images.



With more than 60 images of Mongolian culture and nature this exhibition will give you a real sense and feeling of the true Mongolia.
Images and pictures take you on a journey through Mongolia experiencing travel and rare footage only to be seen once in a lifetime:

Mountainous ranges and pastures
Mongolian teachers and musicians
Horse’s Head Mongolian Instrument (unique)
A Talk Show telling a story
A true Mongolian photography scene that everyone can enjoy

The Mongolian Photo Exhibition will be on display from March 3 – April 2, 2018 at Rabbit Resort (Dongtan Beach, Pattaya) for a month, availble daily from noon to 10pm. After this, the exhibition will be held at various galleries.