Bored with Netflix, nothing left to watch on your Android Box, Youtube videos getting old, why not dust off an old board game? 

From old-time fav’s to new renditions of classics, sites like amazon and many others may have the answer to your current boredom.

Minecraft: Builders and Biomes

There have been many renditions of Minecraft board games, but this one the most ambitious yet. You actually mine for resources with tiny wooden blocks and combine building with fighting mobs. 

Star Wars: Imperial Assault

This is a fun and challenging tabletop strategy game, where rebel heroes fight through various skirmishes with Imperial forces.

There’s a fantastic companion app that not only teaches you how to play but handles the storytelling and enemy placement, too, so you don’t have to guess.

The miniatures are fantastic and include a giant AT-S. Add-ons and expansions are on sale separately and can add dozens of new figures.

How to Rob a Bank Board Game

This one is just like your favorite action movie: It has robbers, guards, a getaway car, and a banker who’s protecting the money as the other players team up to take as much as they can.

Classic JENGA… Classic Block Game

A game we have all played at some time in some bar in Thailand!

Players build motor skills, strategy, and patience while competing with friends. The goal of the game is to pull out a block without letting the stack fall apart — because once the tower falls, it’s game over.

And REm’s all-time favourite:


Who doesn’t love Monopoly? 

Perhaps the biggest reason for the game’s success is its popularity with players of all ages. Children, in particular, like it because it gives them a chance to handle money and make adult investment decisions, practising skills of investment and negotiation that are critical in adult life, but with no danger of real loss.

“It teaches you about life – there’s a philosophical aspect to it. It’s about people competing for limited resources.”

Patrick Chugh, founder of the Hong Kong board games club