I would imagine not that many people are used to spending this much time at home, you may have dreamed about being able to spend more time at home but now you are ‘what do you do with yourself’?

REm have rustled up some ways to stay entertained if you’re self-quarantined or practicing social distancing in the weeks to come.

Work Your Way Through a Cookbook

Many of us collect cookbooks but never really make any of the recipes and simply use them as coffee table decor, this is the perfect opportunity to dive in.

Do Some DIY Projects

There are, no doubt, plenty of things around your condo or house that need some attention.

Whether you’ve been meaning to reorganise the kid’s room, paint the balcony, re-tile the pool, these home updates will improve the environment, and your mood (plus, they’ll keep you busy)

Re-watch 0ld TV Shows

Re-watching your favourite TV shows is not only a way of self-care but can also provide comfort in a world we have little control over, kind of like a security blanket.

Improve Your Workspace

Working from home can be great but also can come with many distractions, our top tips are:

Set yourself up in a room with a door that closes, if possible.

This will be particularly helpful for video conferencing and you’ll find it easier to concentrate and get through your to-do list.

And, just as you would at the office, try to keep your files and notes organised.

Find Time To Exercise

Relaxing on the couch can be fun, but you might get restless after a while.

Why not sign up for a subscription to on-demand classes, or join in live virtual sessions?

Working out at home definitely doesn’t require an expensive home gym and depending on the workout you want to undertake, you only need to clear out a small amount of space.

Not only will exercising keep you fit, but all those endorphins will do wonders for your mental health too.

Learn Something New

There’s no better time than right now to learn something new. Wouldn’t it be great to emerge at the other end of lockdown with a new and valuable skill?

Read Something New

All those books you’ve been meaning to read can finally get the attention they deserve.