Koh Panyee, or Floating Village as it’s more affectionately known, has long been renowed as one of the Kingdom’s special places.

For many years people have been visiting this beautiful location right in the centre of Pang Nga Bay.

Koh Panyee was established by 18th century nomadic Malay fishermen who had the vision to create a place where tourists could come and experience the ways of old country living but at the same time maintain the beauty of the area.



Both government and private sectors have supported the locals at Koh Panyee with various training programmes taking care and focusing on issues such as learning English, making handmade products utilising local skills, waste disposal both on land and sea as well as using products and materials such as solar power to reduce both electricity and oil costs.

Panyee Island takes two hours to get to from the mainland and really is somewhere you should stay even if just for a night. Waking up in the morning watching locals going out to catch fish, children going to school all as the sun rises in the most spectacular fashion is a scene of beauty. The place really does have a very country and friendly atmosphere.



Both James Bond Bungalow and Panyee Bungalow are highly recommend places to stay in a home-stay setting and are right on the water which all adds to the experience and gives you just a little insight into life in Koh Panyee.



Panyee has all the local landmarks you may expect mosques, souvenir shops and even a floating football field if you fancy a kick around. By taking a boat trip you can visit many nearby islands such as the famous James Bond Island which featured prominently in The Man with the Golden Gun.




To find out a little more about this hidden gem in the south of Thailand take a look at http://www.kohpanyee.go.th.