It’s a whole new world we’re living in right now where hugging has been replaced by social distancing and where socialising is taboo.

Where washing hands is the thing to do and being at home by 10pm is now cool.

Tweets about staying at home in Thailand in March 2020 have increased 195% on January and February combined while Tweets about cooking, eating at home and food delivery in Q1/2020 are up 493% on Q4/2019 .

During these times of self-isolating and working from home, the screen in your hand and your home has become your connection with the world. It’s become an essential way to communicate with friends and families while ensuring you’re up-to-date on the latest trends and are not missing out.

The fear of missing out has been replaced by a new norm, one of authentic connection, and what better time to connect than during Songkran. While the Thai New Year is not a public holiday this year, it remains a time for families, a time to pay respects to elders and look forward to the New Year ahead. Whether you’re locked-down or voluntarily self-isolating, families are connecting through Twitter this Songkran.

Here are 4 ways Twitter can help you, your family and friends be connected this Songkran.

1. Communal Cooking

Make food a communal activity. If you’re at home with your family, spend time together creating new recipes or recreating old favourites. Try something new – be adventurous! Work as a team and get all the family members involved in your next meal. If your family members are distanced by home or province, Tweet ideas of what to cook. Perhaps make a step-by-step guide on Twitter of a dish that everyone can make, or film it live and share with family as well as all your followers!

This time at home is turning novices into masters of their own kitchen. With ingredients at the ready, Thais are rising up to the #เมนูกักตัวchallenge and creating meals from breakfasts to desserts; making crispy pork from scratch, crushed avocados bites to oreo-flavoured drinks and kimchi fried rice. There’s no end to the creativity with the likes of food blogger Maekwansri (@KwansriR) inspiring many to make friends with their kitchen.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, Maekwansri (@KwansriR) regularly Tweets her home-cooked style dishes. She also shares the ingredients needed and the recipe, so you can give it a try with your family at home.


2. Keeping Fit as a Family

For many, keeping fit is not a fun pastime. With parks and gyms closed, and mingling outdoors frowned upon, there’s plenty of reasons not to exercise right now. However, keeping fit and healthy is essential during this time of Covid-19, and being stuck indoors is no excuse.

There are many people on Twitter sharing exercise tips as well as ideas on healthy eating. แหมทำเป็นฟิต (@patlovepat) regularly shares workout clips and tips on how to exercise at home without equipment. If you’re planning for the day when you can once again head outdoors to exercise, follow วิถีคนจะผอม (@koy81435583) for her exercise plans and advice on healthy eating.


With a mass of exercise videos out there, which one do you choose for some quality family exercise time? Puifai Yang (@puifai_yang) keeps it fun by reviewing other people’s exercise videos while adding tips on how to do specific exercises and the benefits of each exercise. She also likes to give exercises difficulty and fun ratings.


3. Family-friendly TV, Movies and Music

Getting bored at home? Looking for some family-friendly indoor entertainment? TV, movies and music go hand-in-hand with Twitter and the Thai Twitter community has you covered. Accounts such as รีวิว Netflix Thailand (@netflixreviewTH) provide insight into current and future movies and series on Netflix. They cover all genres giving a wide choice for TV-centric family entertainment this Songkran.


If music is your thing, then take off your headphones and turn up the volume so all the family can enjoy. There’s an abundance of Covid-19 playlists on Twitter and threads you can join to discuss and share your own. Alternatively, be inspired to dance by ฮออายอ (@Hypychie) with the #supervalentine craze


4. New Year, New Home

Songkran is Thailand’s traditional New Year, and it’s a great time to start afresh. Start at home with some family spring cleaning. If you’re a hoarder, you have a few busy days ahead, and while you’re spring cleaning take time as a family to think of ways to improve your living space. To brighten up your home, follow 𝙪𝙣𝙪𝙣𝙛𝙖𝙝 (@ununfah) for decorating tips and ideas, while Passawan Vudhivanich (@passawanvud) gives tips on home design and room design for those who are less DIY inclined.


Supporting a safe and family-centric Songkran this year, Twitter have partnered with the Prime Minister’s Office and Thailand’s Government Public Relations Department (@prdthailand) to promote #SaferSongkran while at home with a unique, Thai-themed emoji. The emoji represents the traditional silver bowl used during Songkran, filled with water infused with flower petals.




Twitter is also working hard during this time to surface dependable Covid-19 related information from reliable sources. Twitter’s Thailand Covid-19 Event page provides real-time credible and official information about Covid-19 from authoritative government agencies, public officials, civil society and media, while Twitter’s dedicated search prompt points people to the Ministry of Public Health (@pr_moph) and the Covid-19 Centre ศูนย์ข้อมูล Covid-19 (@Covid19Thailand), from the Office of the Prime Minister, as well as providing the hotline number for the Department of Disease Control – tel: 1422.

To see all of the latest steps Twitter is taking in response to Covid-19, visit covid19.twitter.com.