The company’s name is D-Sign Furniture … but furniture is not the only thing they are about.

Sure, if you simply want furniture they can supply it _ and very classy and contemporary it will be, too. But they can do more, much more. “We can do everything from A-Z to transform a space into a thing of beauty; something to really be proud of.”

Says a spokesman for D-Sign.

The Pratumnak-based Thai-Danish company had built an envied reputation over recent years for supplying custom-made furniture and interior solutions for some of the city’s biggest property developers and hoteliers.

“Clients can take encouragement from that,” said the spokesman.

“But that part of our operation does not do complete justice to our capabilities. Quite literally we can work from bare shell through to finished house or apartment.”

He added: “We can supply plasterers, electricians, builders and designers. You name it!”


Of course, many developers today choose to offer their units either furnished or at least partly furnished. If that’s what the client wants, that’s great. We have no problems. Indeed there is a good chance that the furniture package they buy might have involved us, anyway.

“But there are plenty of people who want to make their own mark on their home; choose their own wall colours or wallpaper patterns; their own electrical lay-out to suit their lifestyle; their own kitchen configuration. We can help them achieve their goals.”

D-Sign offers a bespoke service that can cover everything from supplying a kitchen tap and wall mirror right through to sofas and dining tables and quality items such as Jacuzzi-style baths and all other bathroom fittings.

“If someone is buying an unfurnished apartment or house and is looking at their current unit and thinking ‘I’d like to start again’ they should contact us,” added the spokesman.

“Provided the client sets a realistic budget to achieve their goals we are more than happy to work within their financial boundaries.” Our quotation service is free and we are confident that potential clients will be more than pleasantly surprised by our proposals and what they can get for their money.







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