The Riviera Group Reveals Ocean Drive’s Stunning Showrooms

Back in our June Edition, our front cover featured the new Sales Gallery from The Riviera Group for their ‘Ocean Drive’ project. It’s fair to say, it wasn’t at all like any sales gallery we’ve been to in the last….well, many years. Their project The Riviera Monaco also had a stand-alone stunning showroom that wowed all buyers and agents alike. It stuck in your mind for a long time with you measuring all others to it, even to this day, it was strong, beautiful, and unique in a way typical of The Riviera Group. A very hard act to follow, after inspiring and producing the final word on Condo design, how could they possibly impress so much, all over again?

Well, timing is not that kind even on the smartest and shiniest of all company’s out there and the opening of the Ocean Drive Sales Gallery was done so just as COVID starting to become a real problem. That said, those that did manage to get to it saw a fresh, dynamic, and vibrant large gallery that was both visually inspiring and delicious at the same time. It’s the kind of place your phone is immediately out for many selfies due to the immediate reaction you get once entering. I remember myself thinking it was such a risky use of strong colours, but hey, they really had pulled it off. Totally unique (yet again) and demonstrating why the glowing golden cabinets that stand near the entrance are simply full of prestigious awards.

10 x Asia Pacific Property Awards Won for 2020

Talking of awards, although the Asia Pacific Awards ceremony was cancelled this year, Winston Gale (Riviera Group Owner) informed me that they had just picked up 10 awards for 2020. These ranged from Interior Design to Architecture for Thailand, won specifically by The Riviera Jomtien and The Riviera Monaco. Like many award ceremony’s this year, the glamorous ballroom event was cancelled, but the awards are still won by the best of the best in each Asian Country. According to Winston, they have been entering for the last 7 years and have now managed to win a staggering 44 awards. Quite a prestigious collection for Thailand and even more so, for a company based here in our hometown of Pattaya.

New 9th Floor Showrooms

So, after such a dramatic Sales Gallery has been in the market place for several months, now they have finished the actual showrooms on the 9th Floor, would these rooms live up to the high expectations they created downstairs in the sales gallery?

Well, I can categorically say a big “YES”.

From the moment you arrive into the 9th-floor sample corridor, you are met with the most unique looks we’ve seen. Boutique hotels that go the extra mile struggle to match this level of design, let alone a 43-floor condominium skyscraper. Again, your camera is out, snapping away.

Co-Owner of The Riviera Group ‘Sukanya’ leads the way as we enter the first show units.

The whole style and theme of the sales gallery truly have made its way into the actual units themselves. The super-strong red-accent colour is popping out at you, but without it being overbearing and unlikable. Its balanced, exciting, and modestly young feeling in its character. Sukanya explains that the buying clientele was a slightly younger market than that of their Monaco project and the more modern, yet still, classy feeling design reflects that. The whole Ocean Drive concept really does shine through with visual references to Miami’s famous beachfront stretch tastefully worked into bedheads and general wall design areas. Not given in the final fully furnished packages, more so inspirational touches to show off the Ocean Drive concept. We’re really liking it!

Over Delivering to Buyers

Sukanya then walks us to the other 2 front-facing units now fully finished for everyone to view.

Gorgeous colours from the entrance doors to the meticulously picked tiles make for a very nice place to be in. Flamboyant detailed mirrors (that you get as standard) as well as copper coloured door handle detailing (even matching hinges!) shows how detailed this interior has been put together. Had we been buyers and this was our first visit, there is no doubt in our minds that yet again, Winston and Sukanya have over-delivered any sales brochure or marketing materials out there for us. We would be extremely happy indeed. But that’s exactly what these guys do with their Riviera Group company. It’s becoming a habit, a good habit that buyers and agents can enjoy a feeling of confidence in, which should inspire other Developers to follow.

Returning down to earth and back in the Sales Gallery, you can now see the clever links from downstairs to the show units themselves. Clever, brave, bold, and even sometimes quite simple, but I’ve learned to never underestimate when people can do things well and make it look easy because it Isn’t easy or simple.

The Riviera Ocean Drive is located on Jomtien 2nd Road and is open (with face masks) 7 days a week. Today, construction of the building is on the 19th floor, as a customer, you can safely and comfortably take the lift to the 9th floor to see something unique.