South Thailand is an oasis of pleasure, hidden marvels, palm-fringed beaches and Islands where one could simply lose one’s self.

If you search beyond the busy Koh Samui and the bucket madness of Koh Phangan you may even feel yourself drawing closer to nature.


42 islands ‘The Golden Basin’ as its locally known.

A National Marine Park stretches across the ocean like shattered glass. Each and everyone with the beautiful and picturesque feature of sheer limestone cliffs and lagoons that seemed long gone in faraway thoughts, many moons ago when Brooke Shields first graced our screens.

Mu Koh Ang Thong was established as a Marine National Park in 1980 and the 42 islands sit at the shore of the Surat Thani Province in the Gulf of Thailand covering 102km.

Inspired by the novel “The Beach” by Alex Garland, Ang Thong was one of the prime destinations for backpackers in Thailand for many years until the subsequent movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio came out.

If lounging on a beach sipping on coconuts (drinking Leo) is for you then here we go.

KOH WUA TA LAP (Sleeping Cow Island)

With breathtaking viewpoints and caves, Koh Wu Ta Lap is a great place for a daily visitor. If linger, lounge a little and explore a bit perks your ears then Koh Wu Ta Lap could be for you.
It’s the second-largest island and with five awe-inspiring viewpoints theirs a great opportunity to get that perfect selfie.

KOH MAE KOH (Mother Island)

This island has a stunning beach and an inland saltwater lagoon called Emerald Lake (Thale Nai).
A popular climb up pathways and a wooden staircase take you to the peak of a nearby mountain where you get the full view of this glittering sea-green body of water.

Emerald lake.