Traditional Thai cooking with an added twist

Authentic is such an overused word, but MAYs Urban Thai Dine has managed to do it justice.

Located on Theperasit Road towards the Theppraya junction on the right MAYs offers traditional Thai cooking with an added twist.

It manages to bring everything we love and crave about Thai street food to your table in a refined and artistic manner.

On walking into the restaurant what immediately strikes you is the contemporary design, but also rustic feel, blending old and new with that timeless Thai beauty.

It’s all eye-catching, but definitely won’t divert your attention from what’s cooking.

Mays Urban Thai Dine

That starts with Pomelo Salad (which happens to be a particular favourite of mine).

The zesty flavour of the pomelo along with the sweet-sour juice and exploding pomelo pulp make this dish invigorating to eat and a real palate cleanser packed with sweet, sour, and salty flavours.

Mays Pomelo Salad

Mixed Seafood Roasted with Chili was our next delight. For anyone who loves seafood this a must!

The taste, texture, aroma and variety all on a bed of glass noodles with a chili hit, gets me every time.

Mixed Seafood with Roasted Chili at Mays Urban Thai Dine

As I was dining with a Thai (my better half) we also opted for the obligatory Som Tam and, as I previously stated, although a Thai street food main this dish it was presented beautifully and brought the real taste of Thailand in a contemporary, refined way.

Addictively hot, refreshingly crunchy, intensely savoury and insanely sour all topped with large prawns.

Mays Som Tam, a Thai staple.

How to top that? What arrived next just about managed to.

Seabass Yellow Curry Mays Urban Thai Dine style, delicious.

Seabass with Yellow Curry, a rich and delicious coconut curry as the base with the wonderful flavour of the seabass left to prevail. We were knocked sideways by astonished delight leaving us craving that something sweet to finish us off.

Mango with sticky rice.

Sweet and ripe topped off with perfectly cooked warm glutinous rice…SO GOOD!!!

Mango Sticky Rice with a passion-fruit twist at Mays Urban Thai Dine.

Spicy, Sweet, Salty and always Aromatic, MAYs Urban Thai Dine is a true delight and one I will certainly be experiencing again oh too soon.


By Paul Johnson