Saturday 20th July 2019, The Riviera Group owners Winston and Sukanya Gale opened their latest project ‘The Riviera Jomtien’ in the most spectacular fashion we’ve seen to date in Pattaya’s real estate business.

The backdrop to this party…the intimidatingly large high-rise building itself, designed to meticulous detail, it dominates Pattaya property and will surely scoop up design and architectural awards in the future. It is designed to stand out (and it does), with 52 individual sky gardens each illuminated giving a garden-in-the-sky feel. The huge pools on the 37th and 42nd floors have the Riviera signature orange light-saber wrapping around them giving a sharp look you can see from miles away.

The Riviera Jomtien really has arrived and sets a new benchmark for others to look up to. For five years the project’s strapline has been ‘Born to be Glamorous’ and boy, does it live up to it? Luxury, design and detail in every area are key. Nothing is left out; every area is treated as important and there has been no short-cuts on the whole project.

On the ground, 1,650+ buyers, real estate agents, famous faces, various VIPs and friends enjoyed the entertainment presented by June Savittri and MC Kla Kripit.

June provided a short-televised walk-around interview, shown on four large LED screens at the party. She interviewed Winston (and his eight-year-old son Toby, who stole the show with his “This is the Best Condo in Pattaya” spontaneous innocent statement to the microphone).

Live band Unity warmed the crowd up until the Aqua Spectacular Light Show began followed by a dazzling International Fashion show that even had the models jumping into the swimming pools.

Khun Ronnakit Ekkasing Pattaya’s deputy mayor joined the party and managed to take to the stage, praising The Riviera Group’s contribution to the city, the project itself and personally to Winston and Sukanya for their dedicated efforts which he stated helped shape Pattaya’s future for the better.

Tor Saksit then came out to screaming adoring fans who listened to his 30-minute music set. They has such a good time that he came back out for three more songs. Finally, Bangkok’s Legendary DJ Pakawat Satidpien played into the late hours while the wine continued to flow.

If you didn’t attend, where were you?

If you did, you already know that this was the party of the year and it didn’t disappoint.

As for The Riviera Jomtien project itself, it’s hard to keep on praising something, at some point, you have to go there and see for yourself. Its public areas match those of a high-end five-star hotel, (well, it’s better than most of them to be fair), but go and judge for yourself, don’t take our word for it.

For more pictures of this spectacular event and this stunning project:


As for The Riviera Group, what more can be said for Pattaya’s leading developers, except just when you think they can’t impress any more, they take it up a few more levels and then some.

We look forward to following them as they move on with The Riviera Monaco….