After spending weeks in quarantine and lockdowns, I think we all realised how important interiors are – the furniture, the decoration, the combination and balance of different colours, textures, shapes and sizes.

The worlds of fashion and interior design have never been total strangers; there have long been tangible links between the catwalk and what people are doing in their homes.

As catwalk shows become more and more extravagant, (pre COVID obviously) they are often shown in historic buildings, locations and spaces of interest using incredibly designed sets. The setting is becoming as important as the clothes. So many more designers are working with homeware brands – for example, Dolce & Gabbana’s long-standing collaboration with Smeg or Etro’s colourful printed fabrics designed for the home. Fendi and Armani both make beautiful Italian furniture and Peter Pilotto now offers a ceramics line.

We’ve also seen a huge rise in fashion influencers showing off their well-decorated homes, or Instagrammers who are solely dedicated to interiors and with the internet, Pinterest and Instagram, people’s homes are now public.

People aren’t just buying a statement bag now; they’re thinking about an amazing tile that they want in their bathroom, a very particular paint colour, or wallpaper.

“Interior pieces are becoming a sign of status in the same way it is to own the latest It bag”

‘What’s your house like?’ It’s such a true expression of someone’s personal style. What people wear can be quite fickle, whereas someone’s house is a clear, broad and less transient reflection of its owner’s personality.

Also, thanks to the rise in so many interiors and lifestyle Instagram accounts, consumers are suddenly being introduced to otherwise unseen houses, palaces and hotels from all around the world, from the comfort of their homes.

So here are some of our picks in the collaborations between Fashion and Home:

Dolce&Gabbana and Smeg

Sicilian aesthetics and state of the art technology meet in this collaboration between Dolce&Gabbana and Smeg. Joining creative forces in a truly authentic Made in Italy project, discover Sicily is my Love: a unique collection of domestic appliances created by Smeg with distinct Dolce&Gabbana decorative motifs.

Nothing will brighten up your kitchen quite like this blender, toaster, citrus juicer and kettle!

All the products are decorated with symbols that are inextricably associated to Sicily, and more generally with Italy and its cuisine, of which Smeg has always been an interpreter of excellence.

Gucci Décor

Gucci Décor features signature motifs of the House that can transform any corner into a flamboyant space. This time, with a special motto: souvenir from Rome.

From painted wallpapers to candle holders, to cushions, armchairs, decorative plates, ashtrays, folding screens, chairs and vases, the universe of Gucci spans any element you can imagine. Their newest release is a continuation of the House’s opulent aesthetic, which celebrates all things maximalist since Alessandro Michele took its reigns. Inspired by the richness and flamboyance of Rome’s Capitoline Museums, where Gucci’s latest show took place, the new Gucci Décor collection features hand-painted marble prints, brocades, tartan, florals, GG motifs, as well as other elements of the brand’s imaginary like snakes, eyes, stars, bees and tigers.

Ralph Lauren Home

Think of classic American style and there’s one name which stands out: Ralph Lauren. The iconic brand is the epitome of fine living. With its genteel touches and timeless designs, it draws on the style of high society in a British-elegance-meets-New-England-lifestyle hybrid.

Beautiful and unique in the Ralph Lauren Home world equal handsome cabinetry, classic sofas, decorative lighting, special tableware (which, it can be assumed, is to be used every day, not just for special occasions), luxurious bedding, timeless gifts and evocative home fragrances to complete the experience.

Fashion may have been the beginning of the Ralph Lauren empire, but it won’t be the end. The brand is all too aware that a quality life is more than simply what we wear and a home takes the lion’s share.

Louis Vuitton Art of Living

Since Louis Vuitton’s founding as expert trunk maker in 1854, the Maison has continually brought its creativity and fine craftsmanship to a wide variety of objects and accessories, constituting a true Art of Living, with their Art of Living series latest releases are the most covetable. Especially right now. Including artful décor, architectural furniture, playful games and ultra-chic sporting goods, would anything spice up your isolation quite like a set of Louis Vuitton weights?

The selection of high-end products are perfect for the home and backyard activities, exuding timeless Louis Vuitton style in iconic signatures and prints.