One essential thing you need to bring with you when you travel to Thailand is your ‘APPETITE‘!

No matter where you are in Thailand you’re never too far from a food stall, hovering in alleyways, carts parked on the side of streets, food markets! Food is ‘EVERYWHERE‘! And partly for this reason locals aren’t to be found scoffing beans ‘n’ sausages, bacon sarnies and jam on toast to start their day.




There are thousands of  Thai dishes, of which only perhaps a few are considered breakfast-only dishes.

Instead, in Thailand you can pretty much eat the same foods for breakfast as you might eat for lunch or for dinner!

Here are a few breakfast choices in the ‘Land of Smiles‘.



Basically rice soup in a broth, often eaten with a mix of seafood or with fish, and a few small vegetables like Chinese celery.



Jok is very similar to the Chinese style of congee, rice boiled until it dissolves, and forms a thick porridge that’s almost the consistency of instant oatmeal and is usually served with an egg cracked in the middle and often with minced pork.



Easily my favourite (Thai donuts) fried breadsticks served with soy milk. Aroi Mak.



Grilled pork on a skewer served with sticky rice. Moo Ping vendors usually sell throughout the day, but you will find them the most in the morning and late afternoon.



Salapao literally means ‘steamed bun’ and can be filled with either sweet or savoury delights. My favourite is ‘sai moo daeng’ (red roast pork).

And all washed down with ‘Cha Yen’- Thai iced tea made with strongly brewed tea and sweetened with sugar and condensed milk. Evaporated milk, coconut milk or whole milk is poured over the tea and ice before serving to add taste and creamy appearance.