It only seems like yesterday The Riviera Group launched Monaco, a High-Rise development in Na Jomtien, how time flies by. What’s happened since then, for us all is hard to imagine. However, here we are, and Monaco is now finished and standing proud along the Jomtien skyline. This project seems to have picked up countless awards over its lifespan, this is a continuing trend of Winston and his wife Sukanya, otherwise known as The Riviera Group.

I’m always curious to see if places such as bars, restaurants, hotels and selfie spots live up to the images they use and the reputation they have and with condominium’s the sales material you always see. One thing for sure, if you have followed the property market in Pattaya over the years, Riviera Group always delivers stunning buildings with endless photographic treats and opportunities to entertain and fill your Instagram, Monaco does not disappoint!

With a completely different design from the previous Riviera projects, the super strong black and white tones found throughout Monaco provide a sharp but breathtaking design language.

The carpark that greets you when you enter is like no other carpark I’ve ever seen in Thailand (or anywhere else for that matter). Painstaking detail has been applied, polished items and a cutting-edge look provide an instant ‘wow’ reaction, all this before you have even entered the building.

At this point we knew; our visit was going to be highly memorable. Remember seeing that movie for the first time and for days it’s in your mind.

The entrance itself smells and exudes, what only a 5-star hotel does but without the reception desk when you enter. Again, I can’t stress enough how different to other Riviera projects this is but you still can see small accent designs from the owners who love to mix and match the oddest of things, all ending in a successful, unique and breathtaking design finish.

Touches of design ques are still evident from the beautiful original showroom and are on show for those who can remember that memorable sales office and showroom before it was demolished 2 years ago.

Social Media Moments

Each corner you turn delivers another ‘oh wow’ moment where your phone is constantly out to get the best image for social media. It’s beautiful, effortlessly smooth and timeless! Of course, it doesn’t have the scale of their previous project The Riviera Jomtien, being around half the size, but it makes up for it in so many ways. In fact, the now iconic The Riviera Jomtien (yes yes I hate to use that word, but go up to Siam Royal View any evening and look down on our beloved town and you will get the point), I still feel like Winston and Sukanya have upped the game once more. Dare I say it’s better than the Iconic Riviera Jomtien, more exquisite, more classic and elegant, just more.

The facilities are so nice you almost don’t want to use them or leave them. A gym that can only be described as sexy, a sky pool with intimate design and character and a ground floor club lounge that feels like an exclusive club in Bangkok or Soho in London. Outside the pool space is classy with black and white tones everywhere.

All in all, it’s a delicious place to be. Awards aside, for me (and I would assume all buyers), it has easily exceeded the promise from when it was launched. In fact, so much so, I think the project’s strapline right from the launch day is absolutely perfect…“An Elegant Class Above”.

Another Legendary Riviera Opening Party Coming

Nope, I’m afraid not this time. An Open-House Day event is planned (dates below). No explanation needed in these difficult times. That of course is a real shame but of understandable.

This latest Residential offering to Pattaya needs to be celebrated and celebrated. Condominiums come and go, but when they arrive like this, they make you smile and feel lucky these guys are in Pattaya.

Remarkably foreign quota is still available at the project (or is it that remarkable given the boarders have been closed to foreigners for most of this year) and even though those oh so nice glamorous showrooms have been taken down, the sales office still remains open everyday at the sites entrance which can be reached at Na Jomtien Soi 4.

Open House Dates
March 18th, 19th and 20th from 10am – 6pm

Facebook @therivieramonaco

Line @Riviera Group